Indigo Shire Libraries


Indigo Shire Council now manages all its libraries, in association with the Swift Library Consortium, following the closure of the Upper Murray Regional Library on 30 June 2013.

This is great news for communities because being part of Swift gives us greater access to books and services. The Swift Library Consortium is a co-operative network of public, school and TAFE libraries across Victoria and NSW.

With more than 150 branch libraries, the Consortium provides patrons with access to three million books, magazine, DVDs, and other items which can be requested from any participating library.

Opening hours

Indigo Shire
Libraries Online
  • Beechworth Library, 101 Ford Street, Beechworth 3747
    Phone: 03 5728 8043
    Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm
    Saturday: 9:30am-12pm
  • Chiltern Library Conness Street, Chiltern 3683
    Phone: 02 6028 1143
    Wednesday: 8.30am-12.30pm, 1pm-5pm
    Friday: 8.30am-12.30pm, 1pm-5pm
    Saturday: 9.30am-12 noon
  • Rutherglen Library 153 High Street, Rutherglen 3685
    Phone: 02 6033 6801 Fax: 02 6032 7427
    Tuesday-Friday. 9am-12.30pm and 1pm-4.30pm
    Saturday: 9am-12pm
  • Yackandandah Library High Street, Yackandandah 3749
    Phone: 02 6028 1180
    Monday-Friday. 8.30am-5pm
    Saturday: 9.30am-12pm


Your Library Card


Members who use the Indigo Shire libraries will receive a new Indigo Shire library card the first time they visit their local branch. This card can be used at Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Yackandandah, Corryong, Tallangatta and Wodonga libraries.


Last updated: 11 August 2016