Industry and Employment

Industry is generally rural in nature with supporting services in small towns. The economy of the Shire is based on farming (beef, sheep, dairy, horticulture and viticulture), processing of local primary produce and the provision of services, including tourism, retail, health and education.

The wine industry is a large sector within the Shire. It has moved from being solely manufacturing to creating an experience with cellar doors and fine dining restaurants. The economy of Indigo is also based on ‘value-adding’ to the agricultural and horticultural products of the region. Milk, cereal and grapes have provided the most opportunities over the past decade.


Indigo provides great employment opportunities in local businesses, regional centres and major industries such as manufacturing, all whilst maintaining a great work life balance in the picturesque countryside.

Economic growth in the Indigo Shire as a whole has been positive since the mid-1990s with the recognition of the value of tourism and the related growth within that industry.

Employment opportunities can also be found in the major regional centres of Wangaratta and Wodonga. Accessible from the Indigo Shire via a short and scenic commute, these larger hubs offer most trades and industries found in metropolitan Melbourne.

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Last updated: 19 June 2014