Nuisance or dangerous dogs

Dangerous dogs

Council may declare a dog to be dangerous if:

  • the dog has caused serious injury to a person or animal
  • the dog has been trained to attack people or animals for the purpose of guarding people or property, or is kept as a guard dog to guard non-residential premises
  • the dog has been declared dangerous by another council
  • in the course of being trained, the dog is required to attack a person.

Once a dog is declared dangerous, the owner must comply with a number of requirements such as:

  • notification of attack, missing dog or ownership change
  • the dog is to be kept enclosed indoors on owner's property or in a childproof enclosure (residential)
  • warning signs are to be displayed at property entrances
  • a distinctive identification collar must be worn
  • the dog must be muzzled and kept under effective control whenever it is outside the premises of the owner
  • the dog must have a microchip implanted and the number provided to Council.

Dog attacks

It is an offence for a dog to run at, worry, bite, attack or chase any person, animal, horse and rider, whether of its own will or urged by a person .

Any person who is attacked or whose animals are attacked by dogs should contact the Ranger so that the attack is not repeated, the community is kept safe and action can be taken.

Dogs found at large

Any dog or cat found outside their owner's premises can be impounded by the Ranger and taken to the pound. The Ranger makes every effort to locate the owner of the animal, but if it is not wearing a registration tag this is almost impossible. If your dog or cat is missing, contact the Ranger immediately. If the animal is not collected from the pound within eight days, it may be put down.

Dogs that wander at large are subject to impoundment and their owners to prosecution.

Noisy dogs

The resident of any building where a dog is kept or permitted to remain must not allow that animal to be a nuisance. Constant barking is considered to be a nuisance and may incur a penalty.

If you have a dog that is home alone all day, it may become bored and as a result of that - bark. Ensure your animals are exercised and where possible, have suitable "doggy" toys for them to play with. Happy dogs may mean happier neighbours!

If you are having trouble with dogs or cats wandering in your area, dogs constantly barking, please contact the Ranger during office hours on 02 6028 1100 or on the mobile 0407 201 002.

Restricted breed dogs

The Victorian Government has introduced tight rules about certain breeds of dogs whose importation into Australia is prohibited. The importation of the American Pit Bull or Pit Bull Terrier has been prohibited under the Commonwealth Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations. 

Last updated: 13 March 2012