Lost animals

People who have lost domestic pets (dogs, cats, etc) or animals kept for the purpose of farming (cattle, sheep, horses, etc) please contact the Ranger on 0407 201 002 or one of the Indigo Shire Offices. The Ranger will take all your details so if your animal/s are found, we can reunite you and nullyour animals without impounding them.

Please note that all dogs and cats that are impounded are taken to the Wodonga Council pound in Wodonga. They have their photograph taken and these photos are displayed on the Albury Pound website

Owners of animals that have been impounded have eight days to claim their pet. Animals that are not collected will be destroyed or rehoused. Once an owner has come forward and all pound fees have been paid the Indigo Shire Ranger will arrange for a time for you to collect the animal.

 You can also check for lost animals using the Albury Wodonga Pound Facebook Page


Last updated: 28 June 2016