Keeping Animals

An owner or occupier of property must not, without a permit, keep or allow to be kept, more than 4 different kinds of animals on any one property at any time, nor keep or allow to be kept any more in number for each kind of animal, than as set out in the following table:

Type of animal Maximum allowed
in residential areas
Dogs 2
Cats 4
Poultry 12 hens only (no roosters)
Domestic Birds 20
Large Birds 2 (excluding peacocks)
Pigeons permit required
Domestic Rabbits 2
Horses, donkeys permit required
Cattle permit required
Sheep permit required
Goats permit required
Pigs not permitted
Other agricultural animals not permitted

People wishing to keep more animals than those set out in the above table must apply to Council in writing stating how many animals are to be kept and the purpose for which the animals are to be kept.

The applicant must also obtain the written consent of immediate neighbours to the permit application.

For further information please contact the Ranger on 02 60281100.

Municipal Pound

For all enquiries relating to impounded dogs and cats, contact the Indigo Shire Council Ranger during business hours 0407 201 002.  To view impounded dogs and cats that are in the pound please follow the link

For impounded livestock and or other animals please contact the Ranger for more details.

Animal pound release fee



Sheep, pig and goats


Horse, Cattle, Deer, Alpacas, Camels, Giraffe and Moose                             




Charge for daily sustenance while impounded

Cat and dog per day


Sheep, pig and goats


Horse, Cattle, Deer, Alpacas, Camels                          


Last updated: 03 July 2017