Domestic Animal Management Plan

Dogs and cats

Councils in Victoria are required by the Domestic Animals Act 1994 to prepare and implement a Domestic Animal Management Plan every four years to outline Council's plans for animal management.

The purpose of this Plan is to:

  • Document processes and practices under the Indigo Shire animal management responsibilities
  • Increase compliance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994
  • Increase pet owners' knowledge of the principles of responsible pet ownership and enhance community safety and awareness
  • Help the Bureau of Animal Welfare reduce the numbers of dogs and cats being euthanised
  • Encourage the registration of dogs and cats
  • Enforce and assist domestic animal businesses to comply with legislation and codes of practice
  • Minimise the harmful effect of domestic pets on the population of native birds, mammals and reptiles
  • Take into account community views on animal management matters.



Last updated: 04 September 2017