Animal management

Owning a pet is great fun, but is something that requires a lot of time, love and responsibility. Much of being a responsible pet owner is understanding your pet's needs and being aware of community's expectations about responsible pet management.

As an animal owner, it is your responsibility to provide for your animal's general welfare, as a matter of priority.

Dog owners, or anyone contemplating becoming a dog owner, should do a few simple things to keep their pets out of trouble and their neighbours happy:

  • Make sure your dog is properly fenced in at home.
  • Use a leash when you are out.
  • Train them not to bark excessively.
  • Stop them from roaming or being aggressive.
  • Pick up any litter left by them in public.
  • Make sure they are registered and identified so they can be rescued.

In addition to providing information, Council performs a range of animal control functions such as providing animal control services, handling complaints, picking up stray dogs and handling pet registrations.

To find out more about your responsibilities and rights as a pet owner, and to report any stray or nuisance animals, please Contact Council.

Last updated: 13 October 2011