Training and Development

Futures Briefing – Wangaratta

Tourism North East- Facilitated by Jade Miles, Industry Development Strategist.

10am – 1pm, Tuesday 26 June, Wangaratta Council


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Delivered to tourism operators now for four years, these presentations are thought provoking, eye opening and challenging three hour workshops where you are encouraged to question, interact and engage in the lively conversation surrounding the 'future trends" being presented to you.

They are an abstract paraphrase of the annual briefings which are delivered by 'Future Lab' who are a UK based global 'trends analysis' company who help us understand whole system thinking right down to the nitty gritty of what our consumers want, how to connect with our audience and how to stay ahead of the curve with your business.

The value of the workshop is in the conversation, questions, reactions and examples raised by others which is lost if you simply look at the slides independently. There are four Futures workshops scheduled for this year so if you are unable to attend this one we highly recommend you find a date that does suit.

This workshop is ideal for operators who are innovative thought leaders who are open to evolution, looking to expand or evolve their product offering.

Some of the content is abstract in its ability to apply to tourism but still has great value in stimulating conversation and thought.

*A further session will be scheduled in Indigo Shire with a date and location to be confirmed.

Tourism Strategy Drop in Sessions

The new tourism strategy is under development.  Considerable input and information was collected from 23 workshops.  230 attendees across 4 destinations informed the priorities and direction the strategy will address.  Urban Enterprise are the consultants engaged to develop the strategy document and to provide the hard data and rationale to support the strategic direction. 

The Draft Strategy will go the May 2018 Council Meeting, and, pending Council approval, will then go out for Public Exhibition. During the May meeting, Council will determine whether the Public Exhibition period will be 30 or 60 days. During the Public Exhibition period we will host 10 Drop In Session across the key towns, at a variety of times and on different days.  We aim to optimise the opportunity for community members to attend and provide input, as well as ask questions of our team.  We will publicise the Drop In sessions as soon as Council approves the Public Exhibition and exhibition period.

Following the exhibition period all input is reviewed and analysed and this informs final changes to Strategy, before it goes before Council again for adoption. Dependant on the Public Exhibition period selected, this will likely occur at either the July or August Council meeting. 

We look forward to meeting with you at the Drop In Sessions and listening to your feedback, as well as having the opportunity to discuss direction and recommendations with you, before finalising the strategy.   


Last updated: 16 May 2018