Resources and Support

There are a range of tourism staff within Indigo Shire, and town tourism industry organisations, that are available to provide support and advice to all tourism operators within Indigo Shire.

 Contact    Role  Responsibilities
 Cameron Auty  Manager Burke Museum and Cultural Heritage

 Management of the Beechworth Historical Precinct.

Cultural Heritage activities in Indigo Shire.

 Lauren Ryan Tourism Development Officer- Industry and Events 

Event support and marketing.

Tourism operator support and development.

 Pete Quon Tourism Development Officer- Marketing and Digital Media 

Destination Websites and ATDW.

Marketing and PR opportunities.

Social Media.

Penny MacGregor  Manager Beechworth Visitor Information Centre  Operations at the Beechworth & Yackandandah Visitor Information Centres
 Destination Rutherglen Rutherglen Visitor Information Centre 

Operations at the Rutherglen Visitor Information Centre.

Rutherglen tourism operator support.

 Chiltern Tourism Dev Inc  Chiltern Visitor Information Centre

Operations at the Chiltern Visitor Information Centre 

Chiltern tourism operator support.

Last updated: 05 March 2018