Permits and application forms

Yackandandah Folk Festival

Planning a festival or major event or filming?

Use this checklist to help you cover all Council requirements.

Your activities

  1. Does the event incorporate a street party, festival or procession or a temporary road closure? [You need to apply for a Street Party, Festival, Procession, Temporary Road Permit]. Council will help you with coordinating approval from affected residents, VicRoads and Police and will advertise on your behalf in the local newspaper.]

  2. Does the event involve any busking or other artistic activity? [You need an Artistic Activity Permit.]

  3. Are you planning to hold a raffle or take up a collection as part of the event? [You need a permit.] Raffle organisers must be aware of and adhere to the requirements of the Victorian Casino and Gambling Authority

  4. Does the event involve any street stalls offering goods for sale or tasting?  You need a permit for Roadside Street Trading. Special conditions apply for the sale of food. [Chiltern and Rutherglen], [Yackandandah, Barnawartha, Wahgunyah, Kiewa, Tangambalanga]

  5. Does the event require use of one of our towns' Kiosks? You need a permit: [Beechworth] [Rutherglen] [Other towns]

  6. Does the event use a public space or recreation reserve? [You need a permit to use this space.]

  7. Does the event use a loudspeaker? [You need a permit to use a loudspeaker in a public space.]

  8. Does the event include the consumption of liquor in a public place? [You need a permit to consume liquor in a public place.]

  9. Does the event have animal rides or horse-drawn vehicles? [You need a permit to allow these activities.]

  10. Does the event have an art and craft market? [You need a permit to conduct an art and craft market.]

  11. Does the event incorporate the sale of food? [You need to complete a food safety plan and temporary food stall permit and submit this to Council.]

  12. Does the event require a large temporary structure? [You need to contact Indigo Shire Council Building Department on 02 6028 1100 or email regarding an Occupancy Permit for "Places of Public Entertainment" and "Prescribed temporary Structures".]

  13. Are you intending to film or photograph within Indigo Shire? (You need a permit to conduct these activities) Application form

For more information or assistance, please contact Indigo Shire Council on (03) 5728 8000 or via

Last updated: 11 August 2017