Holding an Event

The role of Indigo Shire

Indigo Shire Council has a dedicated Tourism Development Officer (Industry and Events) who is available as a resource for all event organisers within the Shire.

The Tourism Development Officer can;

  • Provide advice and support for organisers to obtain the correct Council permits and licences.
  • Coordinate Council event logistic support including road closures and waste services.  
  • Assist event organisers to identify opportunities for growth, innovation and collaboration.
  • Explore opportunities for new events.

Contact the Tourism Development Officer (Industry & Events) on the details below.

Tourism Development Officer

(Industry & Events)

Lauren Ryan
03 5728 8000 

Tourism Events Grant Program

Council has an annual grant program where eligible events can apply for funding of up to $4000. The funding closes annually in July.

Organisations can also apply for in kind logistics support as part of the grant program. Organisers seeking in kind support for any of the following should submit an application within the Events Grant.

  • Road Closure/Traffic Alteration Costs
  • Provision of waste, recycle and green bins.
  • Additional cleaning of public facilities.
  • Hire of Council owned and managed buildings.

See here for more information about the IEDTAC events grant.

Events Trailer

Council has a trailer with a range of equipment for events. There is no charge to use the events equipment, however you are liable for the safe return of the trailer. The events trailer is subject to availability and you should book early to ensure it is available for your requested dates.

Contact the Tourism Development Officer (Industry & Events) to request the use of the trailer.

Event Promotion

In partnership with Alpine Shire, Indigo Shire distributes a quarterly event guide ‘On Now’. To have your event listed in the guide ensure that you have created an ATDW listing for your event prior to the publication deadline.

Indigo Shire also has an online calendar of events on our regional digital platform sites, and www.indigoshire.vic.gov.au. Create an ATDW listing for your event to be included on the calendar of events.

The role of event organisers.

Permits & Approvals

It is the responsibility of event organisers to ensure that their event has the required permits and approvals from Council and other third parties.

Have a look at the Indigo Shire Event Notification page and see if you are required to submit an application for a permit or approval to hold your event. If your event requires Council approval, fill in the Event Notification Form, and a Council staff member will be in touch to assist you through the process.

Check that your event doesn’t clash with another event

Check out our event calendars to ensure that your proposed event doesn’t clash with any other event in the same town or surrounding towns.


If there is already an event on that date you should contact the event organiser and see if they have any concerns about the proposed clash- we need to make sure we have enough beds and facilities for events to run! If there is a clash you should also contact Council’s Tourism Development Officer (Industry and Events) to discuss your proposed event.

Create an ATDW listing

If there is nothing on the same date, go ahead and create your ATDW listing. All events in Indigo Shire must have an ATDW listing for their event. You should create this listing as soon as you know the date that you want to have your event.  

An ATDW listing is the mechanism for the following;

  • If you have a live ATDW listing, your event will be added to our internal event database. If you want us to know about your event, you need an ATDW listing!
  • It will create one current, and publically viewable, calendar of events for each town, so we don’t have clashes of major events.
  • Your ATDW listing will be added to your town website (eg, explorechiltern.com.au), visitvictoria.com.au and victoriashighcountry.com.au
  • A listing on the calendar of events on indigoshire.vic.gov.au (you no longer need to register your event on there). Inclusion in the ‘On Now’ quarterly events guide.
  • ATDW event listings form a critical list for emergency services in the event of a major emergency.

You can find out more about the ATDW including instructions for listing an event here.

Plan your event

Now it’s time to plan a successful event! We have developed a range of tools to assist our event organisers to plan and run an event. You can download the whole toolkit, or individual sections. There are also a range of templates and template examples that may be useful.

Last updated: 21 June 2018