Do I need a planning permit?

However small, any change to the way the land is used or developed (any building construction, alterations or building works) may require you to obtain planning permission.

There are detailed provisions in the Indigo Planning Scheme which set out whether a planning permit application is required for particular kinds of use and development. The Planning Scheme also exempts certain kinds of use and development from requiring a planning permit.

Some of the most common reasons people require a planning permit include when:

  • applying for a liquor licence
  • carrying out earthworks
  • changing the use of a property
  • clearing native vegetation from land
  • reducing car parking
  • constructing, altering or painting a building in a Heritage Overlay
  • constructing, demolishing, altering a building
  • developing in the Rural Living Zone/Farming Zone
  • displaying a sign
  • starting a business
  • subdividing land

Information on this website will help you to determine if you need a Planning Permit. It is also possible to apply for a Certificate of Compliance stating that a proposed use or development would comply with the requirements of the Indigo Planning Scheme.

Where further information is required, it is best to arrange a pre-application meeting to discuss your proposal with a planning officer. While it is not a planning officer's role to develop the application or pre-empt a decision, they can provide further advice and guidance on the process.

A planning officer is available at Council's Yackandandah Office by appointment. Council's Heritage Officer is also available for on-site heritage advice to make the process as smooth as possible.

Follow the links to the left for information about a planning permit for specific types of development.

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Last updated: 16 October 2013