Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee provides advice to Council, manages the Heritage Restoration Fund, promotes and seeks funding for heritage issues and supports cultural heritage management within Indigo Shire.

Membership of the committee includes Councillors, local community representatives, special interest and general community representatives, and heritage organisation representatives.

Applications are now open for new members

There is a wealth of heritage in Indigo Shire and a great community who are committed to caring for their important places.

Membership of the committee includes Councillors and representatives from the arts and crafts area, heritage organisations and special interest and general community representatives. They bring knowledge, expertise and interest in natural, built, cultural and indigenous heritage and a willingness to promote heritage conservation in Indigo Shire.

The objectives of the committee are:

To advise on eligibility of applications for financial assistance through the Indigo Advisory Committee Heritage fund.

  • To investigate external funding through grants and sponsorship for specific cultural heritage projects and assist and support individuals or organisations to obtain funding for heritage related projects.
  • To provide advice and input on special heritage related projects where identified by the Committee, the community or Council.
  • To provide advice on the development of events, community and school educational materials, specialist trade courses, etc. to further cultural heritage and conservation awareness within the Indigo Shire.
  • To provide advice on marketing, branding and promotion of heritage and heritage related tourism, and to make recommendations about the promotion of all places and collections of cultural heritage significance within Indigo Shire.
  • To assist the Heritage Advisor appointed to Council to undertake:
    • Research.
    • Identify structures for inclusion in the Shire’s heritage overlay or precincts.
    • Other strategic work required by the Heritage Advisor. 
    • Matters associated with Indigenous heritage, culture, assets and sites will be a priority.
  • To promote and manage the annual Indigo Heritage Awards program in partnership with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) North Each Branch.  It is recommended that nomination be assessed where possible by the committee against conservation principles outlined in the ICOMOS Burra Charter (1999) and with the National Trust/Indigo Heritage Awards Guidelines.
  • To make recommendations to Council on issues of heritage concern and strategic policy.
  • To liaise with other National, State and local cultural heritage organisations and communities as appropriate on a regular basis.

The Indigo Shire Heritage Advisory Committee is open to people with knowledge, expertise and/or interest in natural, built, cultural and/or indigenous heritage and a willingness to promote heritage conservation in Indigo Shire.  Council encourages any group with an interest in heritage, tourism, the built or natural environment to nominate a representative for the Committee. 

Download a nomination form here

Please return your nomination form to Council addressed to Ian Scholes, Manager Planning & Sustainable Development, Indigo Shire Council, PO Box 28, Beechworth, Victoria, 3747, or email to info@indigoshire.vic.gov.au.

Last updated: 02 March 2016