Heritage Loans

The Scheme

Indigo Shire Council has funds available for low interest loans to owners of heritage properties for capital works to conserve, preserve or enhance Indigo's heritage properties.

The loans are provided to assist owners in maintaining and enhancing properties. Maintenance of properties is achieved through repair works to building fabric (such as new roofs, gutters etc) and restoration of architectural features (such as verandah posts, finials etc). Enhancement includes additions, fences and the like which are compatible with the style and architecture of the building.

Loan applications are assessed by the Indigo Heritage Advisory Committee and recommendations are made to Council for decision.

All loans are for a maximum period of three years.

The loan scheme is a revolving fund and the total funds depend on demand. The funds are determined by the Committee on an application by application basis.


How to apply

Application forms are available from the offices of Indigo Council and can also be downloaded below.

An application may only be made by the owner of the property. The form requests information regarding the owner, the property and the works proposed.

There are no fees to lodge an application. Application forms and supporting documents may be submitted in person at any Indigo Shire Council office or mailed to:

Indigo Shire Council
PO Box 28
Beechworth 3747


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Plans and details of work

Loans are available for works which have been approved by Indigo Shire Council or which do not require approval under the Planning Scheme. Advice on the eligibility of works can be obtained from Council's Heritage Adviser.

Plans and details of the works, including estimated costs and at least two quotations for the works, must be submitted with the application.

You may submit any other information that you feel would assist the Committee in reaching a decision, such as photos of the building and/or any previous works undertaken and any reports prepared by your consultants regarding the current condition of the building and how the proposed works will benefit the building.

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  • For works up to $20,000.00, a maximum of half the value of the works can be applied for.
  • For works exceeding $20,000.00, a maximum of one third of the value of the works can be applied for, with a maximum loan toany one applicant of $20,000.00.
  • Maximum term of loan: 3 years
  • The interest rate for 2012-2013 is set at 3% and will be reviewed annually.
  • All loans are subject to availability of funds.
  • All loan applications will be determined by the Indigo Heritage Advisory Committee and recommendations are made to Council for decision. The Committee may determine to offer a loan for the full amount applied for, or a portion of the amount applied for, at their discretion.
  • If approved, there is no obligation on the applicant to accept the loan, however, you must advise within one month of being offered the loan if you intend to proceed with the loan.
  • Loans are only available for capital works and cannot be used to fund investigations, consultant fees or plans.
  • Loans are only available for works which have been approved under a planning or building permit, or works which do not require approval under the Indigo Planning Scheme.

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Conditions of other approvals

Works intended to be carried out with the assistance of a heritage loan must comply with all applicable conditions imposed as part of any planning or building permit or the Indigo Planning Scheme.

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Helpful tips and advice

  • Provide as much information as you can regarding the scope of works to be undertaken.
  • Make sure the application lodged fully details the extent of works to which the loan is proposed to be applied and any other works which are being undertaken at your own cost.
  • An inspection of your property may be required to enable a full appreciation of the works.
  • Before you lodge any documents, make sure the works have been approved or that they do not require approval under the Indigo Planning Scheme.
  • Photos of the property in its current condition can provide a better understanding of the works and how the property will be affected.

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Further information

If you require any further information regarding the contents of this information sheet, or the scheme in general, contact Council's Yackandandah Office to discuss the proposal with a Council Officer.

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Last updated: 29 January 2018