Planning refers to the decisions that affect everyday life and change the environment. Council makes most of the planning decisions that affect its region. For example, it decides whether or not to grant a Planning Permit for a new use or development, and what permit conditions are appropriate.

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Indigo Planning Scheme

The Indigo Planning Scheme is the instrument under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 that regulates the use and development of land within the shire. The planning scheme specifies that certain types of use or development can only be carried out if a planning permit is granted.

The purpose of the Indigo Planning Scheme is

  • to provide a clear and consistent framework within which decisions about the use and development of land can be made
  • to express State, regional, local and community expectations for areas and land uses
  • to provide for the implementation of State, regional and local policies affecting land use and development.

Land may be used or developed only in accordance with the Indigo Planning Scheme. If the Indigo Planning Scheme allows a particular use of land, it may be developed for that use provided all requirements of the scheme are met.


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About Planning Permits

A Planning Permit is a legal document stating that a particular use or development (subdivision, buildings and works) may proceed on a specific piece of land. It is always subject to a time limit and expires under specified circumstances. Council may impose conditions on a permit.

The ability to apply for a Planning Permit does not necessarily result in approval of an application. Because a permit can be granted does not imply that a permit should or will be granted. Council must decide whether the proposal will produce acceptable outcomes in terms of the Indigo Planning Scheme.

It is important not to confuse planning permits with Building Permits. Building Permits relate to the method of construction of a building or development. If you have a Planning Permit you may still need to get a Building Permit.


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Do I need a Planning Permit?

However small, any change to the way the land is used or developed (any building construction, alterations or building works) may require you to obtain planning permission.

There are detailed provisions in the Indigo Planning Scheme which set out whether a Planning Permit application is required for particular kinds of use and development. The Planning Scheme also exempts certain kinds of use and development from requiring a Planning Permit.

The links below provide information about Planning Permit requirements for some of the most common types of development:

Information on this website will help you to determine if you need a Planning Permit. It is also possible to apply for a Certificate of Compliance stating that a proposed use or development would comply with the requirements of the Indigo Planning Scheme.

Where further information is required, you can use this form to seek advice from a planning officer. While it is not a planning officer's role to develop the application or pre-empt a decision, they can provide further advice and guidance on the process.

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It is important to provide full details of your proposal and the land to enable adequate research and an informed response. The more detail provided allows Council to provide you with better advice..

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Last updated: 23 January 2018