What's on?
When: Thursday 25 September
Where: Rutherglen, Vic, 3685
The Rutherglen Wine Show incorporating The Australian Fortified Wine Show –. Each year the “Wines of the Show Awards” are presented at a special Awards dinner. This exclusive dining experience matches the best of Rutherglen cuisine with award winning wines from previous Rutherglen Wine Shows. Limited tickets are available to the public.
Council Updates

Indigo Shire is looking for mentors for learner drivers. Funded by VicRoads, the progam helps young people attain their 120 practice hours needed to sit for their licence test.
Replacement trees have been planted in Loch Street, Beechworth, after some decaying trees were removed as part of a comprehensive street tree rehabilitation and conservation process for Beechworth.
Regular meetings of Council are held each month, except January.
Indigo Shire Council has a role in the community to support sustainable management of our environment.